Volunteer in Malawi

Volunteer at Lingadzi Academy – it’s just over the road! Simply turn up and we’ll be able to arrange for you to help out with the latest development. This often includes planting trees, building playground features, building shaded seating areas and clearing paths. We would love your help!

Volunteering Africa

Are you considering Volunteering in Africa? Well you should! Get yourself out to Malawi. It’s a beautiful and stunning country and the Malawian people are incredible. Stay with us for only $5 per night and volunteer over the road at Lingadzi Academy for free. A wonderful, cheap and secure way to begin volunteering in Africa.

Gap Year Lilongwe

Do your Gap Year in Lilongwe. We will look after you for only $5 per night. Perhaps you are planning on working at Kamuzu Central Hospital or are in Malawi on a long term volunteer programme. Get in touch with us. We will look after you! Make your Gap Year Lilongwe incredible!