Camping Malawi

If you are considering Camping Malawi then choose Malawi Lodge. It is only $5 to camp at Malawi Lodge and it offers hot showers, great kitchen facilities, free secure parking, a place to light a fire and the opportunity to volunteer as a sports coach or teacher over the road at the Lingadzi Academy Community Sports School. If you want camping malawi then this is the place for you as you will be able to recline in the evenings in the balcony that overlooks the city.

Note: You will really enjoy your stay at Malawi Lodge and may not want to leave.

Camp in Lilongwe

Looking for somewhere cheap to camp in lilongwe? Then visit Malawi Lodge. For just $5 per night you can pitch up in the orchard and relax in the grounds of this stunning guesthouse. Camp in Lilongwe at Malawi Lodge. Contact us for more information here.

Awesome Place to Stay! 

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All rooms at Malawi Lodge are fantastic.